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As of 19th March 2016 Vicroads will implement the mandatory Graduated Licensing System (GLS) for Motorcycle/Scooter riding.  There will be no more test only options or short course options for obtaining a Learners Permit or Licence for a Motorcycle or Scooter in Victoria.

The New GLS is outlined below.


As of 19/3/2016 the learner permit course became a compulsory 2 day course of 7.5 hours each day.  This is a Vicroads directive and there is no other way to do a learner permit in Victoria.

Day 1

  • Basic Introduction to the Motorcycle controls
  • Basic Riding skills
  • Riding Curves
  • Introduction to slow ride
  • Skills consolidation
  • Motorcycle learner permit knowledge assessment.

Day 2

  • Manoeuvring, Steering, Braking
  • Tactics and strategy, skills consolidation
  • Off road Learner permit assessment
  • On road Learner permit assessment
  • Issued with Learner Permit

* Please note riders will not be allowed to continue to the on road component if they fail the off road assessment.


As of 19/3/2016 the procedure for obtaining a Motorcycle Licence in Victoria has changed.

Before undertaking the Motorcycle Licence Assessment it is compulsory to undertake a 3.5 hour on road riding assessment known as a Check Ride


The check ride consists of 1.5 hours of off road skills assessment and review of learner course.

Riders are then taken out on the road where their riding ability is assessed and considered viable to proceed to the Licence Assessment which will be conducted on a separate day. Riders are encouraged to use their own bikes for the Check Ride.

* It is not mandatory to under take check ride if you have obtained your learners permit before 2nd April 2016,  however the likelihood of passing the Licence Assessment diminishes greatly without doing the check ride as the GLS Licence Assessment has been designed by Vicroads to follow on from the Check Ride.

A Check ride can be undertaken before you have held your learners permit for three months.  We recommend that you do 2 months of riding before coming in for your Check Ride.

* Please note a rider will not be taken out for the on road component if their skills are considered inadequate for road riding.


A rider needs to have held their learner permit for a minimum of 3 months.

The Licence Assessment consists of 20 minute off road skills assessment and a 40 minute on road assessment. Riders are encouraged to use their own bikes for Licence assessment.

* Please note the rider will not be taken out on the road if they fail the off road skills assessment.